DOT On Site Training

Improving Your Company's Compliance With DOT/FMCSA.

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On site Training

At Steve Talkington Consulting we offer onsite training. We can come to your business and train the people that deal with the federal regulations . We can train a staff member how to be compliant and how to remain compliant. Steve Talkington Consulting can train a group of people at your company on how to be compliant in driver qualification, maintenance record keeping, drug and alcohol training including drug and alcohol reasonable suspicion training. We can teach members the different ways to keep a driver’s hours using a logbook, electronic logging device, or time records.

On site Driver Training

We also can come into a company and do driver training. We can offer classes to drivers on how to properly complete a driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) also known as a pre-trip and post-trip inspection. We can instruct drivers on the hour of service regulations, safe driving practices. We can teach drivers proper emergency equipment usage and what is required to be carried in the CMV. Our company can instruct drivers on the proper way to tie down and secure loads. We can educate the drivers in crash what to do at a crash site. We have programs for drivers’ drug and alcohol awareness and the effects of drugs and alcohol. Steve Talkington Consulting can teach drivers the proper way to report their hours of service on a log or ELD and explain the short haul exception to the rule. We can teach what is required to keep a well-maintained fleet and the importance of preventative maintenance, and also what a driver should expect during a roadside inspection.

Hazardous Material Training

We also have available hazardous material training for drivers. We offer the instruction on shipping papers, emergency response, placarding, safety and security and job specific training. All Hazmat drivers must be certified in these subject and have recurring training every three years.

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