DOT Fleet Inspection

Improving Your Company's Compliance With DOT/FMCSA.

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Inspect Fleet Vehicles

Our team will perform a Level I inspection on your fleet. We provide a complete PER VEHICLE written report of defects, and present recommendations to address issues. 

The Department of Transportation, FMCSA requires that the motor carrier have an annual inspection on it’s fleet at least once a year. We recommend that you inspect your CMVs at least twice a year and more thoroughly every quarter. Whether you do it or not It does not hurt to have complete vehicle inspections given by retired State Troopers that used to do them daily at roadside. 

We can come to your place of business or mutually agreed upon site and inspect your fleet. We can do it all at once of do a few vehicles at a time. These inspections can be ongoing or a one time or on demand to test the readiness of your fleet and the thoroughness of a drivers DVIR.

Lets face it drivers are tasked with inspecting their vehicles twice a day and a motor carrier is tasked to maintain a safe fleet free from defects, but how many drivers conduct a complete pre-trip or post-trip inspection? A few do and we hope you are the few that do but if not give us a call. If everyone inspected their trucks and trailers prior to a trip and after a trip there would be very few violations found by roadside inspections.

Let us conduct an independent inspection of the quality and roadworthiness of your fleet.

We should emphasize, according to the regulations that it is your duty, as the motor carrier, to schedule routine inspections and preform required maintenance. It is not the DOT’s responsibility to remind you if you skip this process but they will in the form of roadside inspections and a possible visit in the form of an audit if they see a pattern of a lack of maintenance.