Entry-Level Driver Training

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New Entry Level Driver Training

New entry level driver training is required if a driver has less that one year of driving experience.

What Topics does New Entry Level Driver Training Cover?

If you hire or promote an employee to a CDL driving position and he has not had at least one year driving a CMV requiring a CDL he/she must complete the New Entry Level Driving course, a certified course that covers 4 topics.

The training involves educating the new driver on the WhistleBlower Protection Act, Hours of Service, Driver wellness, and Driver Qualification.  

There is no mandated time dictated to teach these subjects and the regulation states anyone familiar with the FMCSR can instruct the course.

We offer this course and it requires about 45 minutes to complete the class. A written test is administered and a certificate is issued that the driver needs to keep and needs to be placed in the driver qualification file.

Driver Education

Beginning February 7, 2022 a new mandate will go into effect that will require a new CDL driver to basically go through drivers education for a CDL before being issued a CDL.

This new mandated course covers many classroom subjects that can be located in 49 CFR Part 380 Appendix A.

There is also mandated close course driving and open road driving that will have to be completed driving both day and some night.

This training will take place at a certified driving school with certified driving instructors. These training schools will be closely monitored to verify drivers are being taught the required subjects. There is no mandated time set on this training but it will involve several days or weeks.