DOT Audits

Improving Your Company's Compliance With DOT/FMCSA.

DOT Audit Services | Steve Talkington Consulting

DOT Audits

Mock Audits

If you receive a letter from the US Department of Transportation that you are scheduled for a safety audit or compliance review, do you know what documents or records that you should submit? Are you confident about your compliance with the regulations? How can you make sure that you pass the audit? That is where we come in.

Compliance Analysis

A compliance analysis is where Steve Talkington Consulting comes into your company and performs a mini audit. During the mini audit Steve Talkington Consulting will look at all areas of compliance but not at the same volume as a full Mock Audit . Steve Talkington Consulting would take only a few driver qualification files and check to see that all of the required items are there that are required and make notes on what is missing and advise the company.

Fleet Inspection

Our team will perform a Level I inspection on your fleet. We provide a complete PER VEHICLE written report of defects, and present recommendations to address issues. The Department of Transportation, FMCSA requires that the motor carrier have an annual inspection on it’s fleet at least once a year.