DOT Compliance Analysis

Improving Your Company's Compliance With DOT/FMCSA.

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DOT Compliance Analysis for an Existing Business

A compliance analysis is where Steve Talkington Consulting comes into your company and performs a mini audit.

What is a Compliance Analysis?

During the mini audit Steve Talkington Consulting will look at all areas of compliance but not at the same volume as a full Mock Audit . Steve Talkington Consulting would take only a few driver qualification files and check to see that all of the required items are there that are required and make notes on what is missing and advise the company.

Driver Files

We would look at three driver files to see if the required paperwork is there and make note of what is missing. We would place the proper forms in the driver file that were missing or show the company how to complete the files. We would give a list of all the items that are required and instruct the employee responsible for the files what is needed. We give the company the option to complete the files or if they would like we would complete the file for them. We can do as much of the work as necessary but do not mind showing a company how to do it and apply it to all driver files themselves, saving the company money.

Maintenance Files

In turn we would look at a limited number of maintenance files and apply the same amount of work into those files as the company would like. We can look for what is missing and replace it, create it or teach you how to have complete files. We would also look at the drivers DVIR to make sure they are being done and accurate.

Accident Register

During this review we would look at your accident register if one is needed and review any accidents. We would look at your crashes to see if any can be challenged under the crash preventability program.

We would also look at the drug and alcohol testing program to make sure the third party administrator is testing at the proper rate.

Data Q

We would look at any or all of your roadside inspections to see if any violations or roadside inspections need to be challenged in the Data Q process.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

We would review your drug and alcohol policy and create one if you do not have one. In addition to a drug and alcohol policy we would review any driver policy or create one for your company if desired.

Hours of Service

During this review we would look at your hours of service records, whether it is Logbooks, an ELD, or short haul time records. Again we look at a limited number of records to see if there is a trend in errors and give tips on how to obtain driver compliance if needed.